Sewer Election – Night of the Experimental Film II

  • Medium: cassette
  • Year: 2020
  • Client: B.A.A.D.M.
  • In collaboration with: Joris Verdoodt

Numbered edi­tion of 90 copies. Inlay off­set printed in sil­ver and red.

Part 2 of a series of four tapes, doc­u­ment­ing past edi­tions of Night of the Experimental Film, an event co-curated by us for Art Cinema OFFoff.

Two stren­u­ous sound works by Dan Johansson’s Sewer Election project. Echoing the sonic aes­thet­ics of his Nara’-period, these live sound­tracks for land­scape movies by Derek Jarman and Peter Hutton iden­tify as sophis­ti­cated and bru­tal at the same time.

Sewer web